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2000 April   MuzikMan
"Have I got a smokin' gun for you to listen to! His name is Jimmy O and he will fill that hole in your soul..."  .pdf format
2000 January   Bluesprint
"Jimmy O is a rambunctious San Fernando based guitar player and vocalist who likes to tear it up..."  .pdf format
1999 Sept.   La Depeche de Papeete
"La formation Jimmy O a enthousiasmé le public polynésien au Morrison's Café...."
("The Jimmy O group will wow the Polynesian public in Morrison's Café....")
1999 August   Tahiti News
"Le quatuor californien a prepare pour le public polynesien un savant melange de rock 'n' roll, de blues et de soul music dans le plus pur esprit des annees 70..."
("The Californian quartet has prepared for the Polynesian public a knowledgeable mixture of rock, blues and soul music in the pure spirit of the 70's....")
1998 April   Eastern Sierra Herald
"His guitar and voice growl with a moral authority common among the better blues artists..."  .pdf format
1997 October   LA Express
"I have met Mr. Jimmy O and can attest to the fact that THIS GUY HAS GOT THE BLUES..."
1997 September   Music Connection
"When Jimmy jumps on his axe, he can play with the best of them. His guitar shouts and weeps, cries and laughs, and screams right into your soul..."  .pdf format
1996 Sept. Pahrump Valley Gazette
"Bluesman Jimmy O came to Pahrump and layed down some excellent Chicago style blues, "draggin' the Blues across the desert"..."
1996 January   Blueprint
"Jimmy O's tough guitar playing brings to mind both Jimmy and Steve Ray Vaughan..."  .pdf format
1995 December   LA Times
"He plays the blues and nothing else and that ain't bad..."  .pdf format
1995 December   Voice Magazine
"I remember sneaking into my brother's room to listen to Howlin' Wolf..."  .pdf format
1995 May   Southland Blues
"Striking from the blue section of the firmament where ferocious West Side thunderstorms like Buddy Guy and Otis Rush first gathered strength..."  .pdf format

...and from the DJ's...

"One of the delights of producing the KLOS Local Licks show for all these years is seeingand hearing bands develop. Jimmy O is a prime example of this..."

"...just the type of hard-rocking good time blues my listeners enjoy..."

"...of the new artists that I've heard over the past year or so, Jimmy O is definitely one that stands out."