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  1. Jungle Love   MP3
  2. Shock To The System   MP3
  3. Tell Me Where It Hurts
  4. At Every Turn
  5. Start The Rain
  6. One Thousand Steps
  7. Bad Habit   MP3
  8. Learn To Love Your Shadow
  9. Forever
  10. Church Of The Forgotten Saints


JIMMY O: Guitar & Vocals
CHARLIE EWING: Electric Bass

Thanks To: Frank Jones, Shilo, Aaron, Angee Bruce Robb, Nancy, Jeff, Jim Henderson, Snake.

Special Thanks To: Mary Bertell for all her passionate support in the making and completion of this CD. Nicki and Damonmay your life together be filled with the joyand love I had with Mary. Louise, Eva, Connie, Joe, Sandra & Linda for their support to Mary at her time of need. Steve from the North who helped me develop my web site. D.B. Willie always by my side - always forgiving. My mother who passed away in Jan. 2002 for her kind gestures and support. Marty & Melody D. fortheir continuing friendship and encouragemnet. to all my friends and fans that encouraged me to record this CD.

S.M. Bertell who produced my last 2 CDs & encouraged me to keep that positive aura
and made me strive a little harder inside that "pink bubble".